Does your business really need a website?

web developer essexRunning a successful business is not a simple task, even though it’s relatively easy to start a business, becoming successful at what you do is difficult because there are many other people out there trying to do the same thing. Creating a good website is one of the few things that you can do to stand out from the crowd.

The Internet is a type of media that is very different from all other types of media. It’s much cheaper to have an online presence, your content is available for a long period of time and more importantly with it’s help you can reach a huge number of potential customers. Every successful business must have a website where they can present their products or services in order to reach new consumers.

If you want a website that looks professional, works reliably and is secure then this process requires the help of a professional web designer, such as Digital Fruits, and the good news is our web design services are competitively priced.

Incredibly high number of Internet users 

According to some unofficial stats, the ever growing number of internet users around the globe reached 3.2 billion in 2015. If you have a great website each of these users could in theory be a potential client. People no longer use newspapers, phone books or magazines when they need to find products, services and information fast. They can view your website from the comfort of their own home, during the daily commute on a tablet or even whilst at work via their smart phone, and they can do this whenever they want. In other words, your website will present your business 24/7 which is something that you can’t achieve with just an office or store.

Keeping up with the competition

Let’s get straight to the point – your competitors already have a website. If you are not present on the Internet and potential clients are looking for services and products you are offering, they will definitely check your competitor’s website. If they find the service or product they need and the price displayed is right then why would they leave your competitors site to look up your number?

Low marketing costs

You can use your website to post a huge number of articles, reviews, messages and information that could be really difficult to distribute with the help of well-known marketing methods. Just think about the money, time and effort you will have to invest in creating and distributing flyers, newspaper ads or TV commercials. Your website can serve as a platform for promoting new products and services and offering special deals with a click of a button. Lets also not forget the Internet is open 24/7 across the world. You can change the content of your website whenever you want, you can allow users to purchase services and products from the comfort of their own home and much more.

If you are looking for a professional and functional website design solution in Essex or surrounding London boroughs, then take advantage of Digital Fruits competitive web design packages and web developer services at an affordable price.

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