Do we provide Website Maintenance?

Yes! Here at Digital Fruits, we know how vitally important your website is for your business. This is true whether you are a major company competing on the world stage or a small business fighting in a competitive marketplace. We have also known companies that, in the past, have worked so hard at the original concept and construction of their website, but then neglected the vital need for updating, maintenance, safety and security.

This is why we have developed a trio of powerfully effective website maintenance and management packages – making it easy for you to choose the one that best reflects the current and future needs of your business. Unlike many others, we don't ask you to sign any contract. This makes sure that we continue to focus closely on your needs – and, of course, we can always adjust the package as and when your needs change.

How our website maintenance packages deliver true peace of mind

Here are four key ways that our service delivers exactly what you need:

  • Each month, we will spend time helping to both update and develop your website, making sure it continues to present your business to the world in the best possible way. We work in key areas such as changes and edits to content, and page speed optimisation, and deal with any problems which have arisen. Again, through our package options, you can set us to work for the amount of time that best suits each month, and we offer substantial cost savings on our standard development work charges.

  • When something does go wrong, for many companies, speed of response and recovery is a vital consideration. How much does any downtime cost you? That’s why our packages each offer a different level of response time – allowing you to set the priority level. Our dedicated team also aim to respond much more quickly than these standard times when a serious emergency strikes.

  • Regular and complete full site backups – we know how terrible it can be if your site is hacked, a web host suddenly disappears from the scene, or you suffer some kind of on-site data disaster. We’ve even known problems after carefully planned site changes or upgrades have gone wrong. We also deliver both CMS core and plugin updates for security and compatibility. Our packages even give you the choice of either a weekly or monthly secure full site backup – which would work best for you?

  • Hosting for your website comes free with each of these three maintenance packages – allowing your site to be completely and safely managed by one single company.

How quickly can changes to your site be made?

Most of the time they are done the same day although larger or more complex changes can take a little more time and are generally completed within 48 hours.

How can Digital Fruits best deliver for you?

At Digital Fruits we specialise in Bespoke sites using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Javascript as well as WordPress driven sites so no matter what you need doing we can do it for you. We often do a Website Audit with a list of suggestions for improvements too.

Below, you’ll find full details of each of our great value, high quality, website management and maintenance packages. Remember, we never ask you to sign a contract for our services, we like it that you can judge us each time we perform for you! It keeps us on our toes and offers you the best possible service!

For a no-obligation conversation about how we can help keep your business’s web presence both vibrant and secure, please call us now on 01708 871 383 or use our contact form.

Website Maintenance Packages

Keep your website healthy and up to date with one of our unbeatable website maintenance packages

No contract - Cancel at any time.


£35 / monthly

  • 1 hour of website changes per month.
  • Response time within 8 hours.
  • Monthly full site backups.
  • CMS core and plugin updates.
  • Hosting included.

  • Ideal for:

  • Small changes.
  • Adding or removing images.
  • Small adjustments to layout.
  • Adding or editing information.
  • Updating links.
  • Fixing errors and faults.


£140 / monthly

  • 4 hours of website changes per month.
  • Response time within 2 hours.
  • Weekly full site backups.
  • CMS core and plugin updates.
  • Hosting included.

  • Ideal for:

  • Adding or editing images and text.
  • Changing colour schemes and layouts.
  • Fixing errors and faults.
  • Page speed optimisation.
  • Updating shop products and pricing.
  • Adding new pages and features.